Versatile Metal Works  invested in a state of the art press brake technology. Our late model CNC press brake ensures precision bending and forming. The latest programming capabilities combined with our laser cutting, welding, machining, finishing and assembly make Versatile Metal Works the one place for  your metal fabrication and contract manufacturing needs.

Design Service

Versatile Metal Works laser cutting processes incorporate automated material handling, off-line programming and part nesting for material maximization.

It provides precision, accuracy and versatility. Water Jet cutting is among the most precise metal fabricating process in existence.

​Forming & Rolling

Laser cutting is often the most effective process for cutting plate or sheet metal for metal fabrication, including carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum and many other alloys.

Water Jet cutting provides the ability to cut a wide variety of materials, including: thick metal alloys, glass, plastics and more.

At Versatile, we have the ability to roll or bend various types of plate, tube, pipe, and structural steel.

Versatile combines skilled machinist with the latest machining technology to provide quality machined parts for long and short runs and quick turnaround. 

Add our extensive metal fabrication, assembly and finishing capabilities and you have a one stop shop. For all your manufacturing and fabrication requirements right here at Versatile Metal Works.

     Water Jet - Design - Laser Cutting - Fabricating - Machining - Welding - Forming - Rolling

Water Jet Service

Laser Cutting



Our welding capabilities include Mig, Tig, and Arc welding. Our skilled work force is proficient in all types of metal joining and bonding.

Versatile Metal Works engineers use the latest CAD/CAM, technology to design and develop your parts. We can work with any drawings and we will work with you to provide maximum precision and efficiency.